Movies like Wetherby (1985)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Wetherby, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Hours

    #409 most popular movie yesterday

    The Hours weaves together multiple stories of women from different time periods, each connected through Virginia Woolf's 'Mrs. Dalloway'. This mosaic of emotions and reflection will attract viewers who appreciate the psychological depth of Wetherby.

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    2. Revolutionary Road

    #973 most popular movie yesterday

    Revolutionary Road examines the unraveling of a young couple's marriage, and just as in Wetherby, the characters are faced with the haunting realities of their choices, leading to emotionally charged sequences that resonate with viewers.

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    3. Closer

    #1,562 most popular movie yesterday

    Closer's incisive look at the tangled relationships and romantic entanglements of four people in London shares Wetherby's intensity and psychological depth, but with the addition of sharp-witted dialogue.

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    4. The Remains of the Day

    #1,698 most popular movie yesterday

    The Remains of the Day, like Wetherby, deals with themes of repression, emotional reserve, and the weight of the past, with both films set in the UK and featuring powerful, nuanced performances and a deep sense of melancholy.

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    5. 21 Grams

    #2,514 most popular movie yesterday

    21 Grams, like Wetherby, is a heavy-hitting narrative that explores the human condition and the interconnectedness of people’s lives through a non-linear storyline, delving deep into themes of grief and redemption.

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    6. Secrets & Lies

    #3,244 most popular movie yesterday

    Secrets & Lies presents a raw and honest look at family and the complexities of human connection in a manner similar to Wetherby. It’s a British drama that will strike a chord with those who appreciate profound character exploration.

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    7. Another Year

    #5,388 most popular movie yesterday

    Just like Wetherby, Another Year offers a slice-of-life drama where the complexities of human relationships and emotions take center stage. Fans of Wetherby's incisive character studies will find a lot to appreciate here.