Movies like You Can Count on Me (2000)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like You Can Count on Me, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Manchester by the Sea

    #530 most popular movie yesterday

    Containing heart-wrenching performances and an emotionally gripping narrative, Manchester by the Sea mirrors You Can Count on Me's exploration of grief, redemption, and the bonds of family in a New England setting.

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    2. Little Miss Sunshine

    #1,278 most popular movie yesterday

    This movie offers a poignant and comic journey of a dysfunctional family's road trip, featuring themes of ambition, failure, and the importance of sticking together, much like You Can Count on Me captures the beauty and pain of family life.

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    3. Ordinary People

    #1,744 most popular movie yesterday

    A poignant film that dives deep into the emotional aftermath of a family tragedy, Ordinary People connects with its audience through compelling character studies and an intimate look at familial pressures and expectations, akin to the themes explored in You Can Count on Me.

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    4. Rachel Getting Married

    #2,994 most popular movie yesterday

    Rachel Getting Married gives audiences a raw portrayal of a young woman dealing with addiction and complex family issues during her sister's wedding, themes that align with the familial and personal struggles shown in You Can Count on Me.

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    5. The Squid and the Whale

    #3,766 most popular movie yesterday

    This acutely observed drama about the effects of a family divorce on everyone involved has the same rich character development and sharp dialogue that fans of You Can Count on Me will appreciate, marked by strong performances and a candid approach to family issues.

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    6. In Her Shoes

    #4,369 most popular movie yesterday

    This film's focus on the turbulent but ultimately loving relationship between two very different sisters might resonate with audiences who enjoyed the sibling dynamics depicted in You Can Count on Me, while offering a mix of humor and pathos.

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    7. The Savages

    #4,769 most popular movie yesterday

    The Savages offers a resonant blend of drama and humor, wherein adult siblings face family conflict and struggle with caring for their elderly father. Like You Can Count on Me, it explores the intricacies of complex family dynamics and features standout performances by its leads.

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    8. Pieces of April

    #6,320 most popular movie yesterday

    Pieces of April is a comedic drama about a black sheep daughter attempting to host a meaningful Thanksgiving dinner for her estranged family, echoing You Can Count on Me's emphasis on reconciliation and the effort to maintain familial ties despite differences.