Shows like Alice in Borderland
Looking for shows that are like Alice in Borderland? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Lost image

    1. Lost

    #117 most popular show yesterday

    Lost is a classic series where the survivors of a plane crash find themselves on a mysterious island. It shares the survival theme, the mysteries, and the character dynamics with Alice in Borderland, and it's a binge-worthy show for those who love unraveling puzzles with high stakes.

  • Black Mirror image

    2. Black Mirror

    #239 most popular show yesterday

    Black Mirror's standalone episodes delve into the dark aspects of technology and society. Viewers who enjoy the psychological and social depths of Alice in Borderland will be intrigued by the moral quandaries and chilling premises explored in this anthology series.

  • Squid Game image

    3. Squid Game

    #243 most popular show yesterday

    Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama where players are drawn into children's games with deadly twists. Fans of Alice in Borderland will appreciate the high stakes and the psychological thriller aspect, as well as the social commentary embedded in the challenges.

  • Sweet Home image

    4. Sweet Home

    #295 most popular show yesterday

    Sweet Home is a South Korean horror series about residents of a building who must fight off a horde of monsters. Like Alice in Borderland, it combines elements of survival with horror, and fans will appreciate the characters' development as they confront external threats and personal demons.

  • The 100 image

    5. The 100

    #338 most popular show yesterday

    The 100 follows a group of young survivors returning to Earth after a nuclear apocalypse. Its mix of survival elements, group dynamics, moral dilemmas, and the fight against external threats are thematically similar to the challenges faced by characters in Alice in Borderland.

  • 3% image

    6. 3%

    #1,463 most popular show yesterday

    3% is a Brazilian dystopian thriller that revolves around a group of people competing to join a privileged society away from the squalor they live in. Its theme of survival through a series of rigorous tests will resonate with viewers who enjoy the life-and-death games of Alice in Borderland.