Shows like Bates Motel
Looking for shows that are like Bates Motel? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • American Horror Story image

    1. American Horror Story

    #36 most popular show yesterday

    American Horror Story is an anthology series where each season presents a new unsettling and eerie setting. Admirers of Bates Motel would enjoy the horror and psychological tension that permeates the show, along with its diverse and compelling cast.

  • Dexter image

    2. Dexter

    #75 most popular show yesterday

    Dexter features a forensic technician specializing in blood spatter pattern analysis for the Miami Metro Police Department, who also leads a secret life as a vigilante serial killer. Fans of Bates Motel will enjoy Dexter's moral ambiguity and delve into the psyche of another likable antihero.

  • Twin Peaks image

    3. Twin Peaks

    #81 most popular show yesterday

    Twin Peaks combines murder mystery with surrealism and quirky characters, much like Bates Motel. Its cult status and thematic exploration of the darkness lurking beneath the facade of small-town America would appeal to those intrigued by the twisted narratives and characters of Bates Motel.

  • True Detective image

    4. True Detective

    #110 most popular show yesterday

    True Detective is an anthology crime drama that captures the meticulous investigation into eerie and disturbing crimes. Viewers who enjoy the character depth and dark atmosphere of Bates Motel will find True Detective's narrative complexity and intensity riveting.

  • The Haunting of Hill House image

    5. The Haunting of Hill House

    #312 most popular show yesterday

    The Haunting of Hill House is a psychological horror series focusing on a family's traumatic experiences in a haunted house. It shares the themes of family dynamics and psychological trauma with Bates Motel, ensuring a similarly gripping and emotional experience for viewers.

  • Hannibal image

    6. Hannibal

    #491 most popular show yesterday

    Hannibal explores the complex relationship between the iconic Dr. Hannibal Lecter and a gifted criminal profiler. Much like Bates Motel, it offers a deep dive into the psychology of a serial killer, with a visually artistic and suspenseful delivery that fans of psychological thrillers will appreciate.