Shows like Blown Away
Looking for shows that are like Blown Away? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Chopped image

    1. Chopped

    #354 most popular show yesterday

    While not about traditional crafting, Chopped is a cooking competition that challenges chefs to turn baskets of mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. Fans of Blown Away may appreciate the innovative problem-solving and the suspense of seeing what contestants will create next.

  • Ink Master image

    2. Ink Master

    #628 most popular show yesterday

    Tattoo artists battle it out in various challenges to showcase their skills and win the title of Ink Master. In a similar vein to Blown Away, this show highlights the precision and creativity required for an often under-appreciated art form.

  • Project Runway image

    3. Project Runway

    #913 most popular show yesterday

    Budding fashion designers face challenges and compete to show off their talents on the runway. Fans of Blown Away might appreciate this for the creative process, competitive spirit, and the visual spectacle of the final products.

  • Making It image

    4. Making It

    #1,884 most popular show yesterday

    Hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, Making It is a lighthearted and inspiring show that pits talented crafters against each other in a series of projects. Fans of Blown Away will enjoy the creativity and feel-good nature of this crafting competition.