Shows like Chernobyl
Looking for shows that are like Chernobyl? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • True Detective image

    1. True Detective

    #100 most popular show yesterday

    Praised for its intense storytelling and psychological depth, True Detective's anthological approach delves into various crime stories, each season with its own standalone narrative. Its commitment to dark, atmospheric storytelling will satisfy those who were drawn to the storytelling style of Chernobyl.

  • Fargo image

    2. Fargo

    #124 most popular show yesterday

    Though more darkly comedic than Chernobyl, Fargo similarly presents a high-quality anthology series that explores moral complexities within American society. Its intricate plotlines and rich character development offer the kind of engrossing viewing experience fans of Chernobyl might enjoy.

  • The Terror image

    3. The Terror

    #426 most popular show yesterday

    An anthology series blending historical events with supernatural elements, The Terror's first season is a dramatization of the lost Arctic expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. The harrowing survival story and meticulous attention to period details make it a compelling watch for fans of Chernobyl's historical drama and intensity.

  • When They See Us image

    4. When They See Us

    #979 most popular show yesterday

    This series recounts the story of the Central Park Five, showcasing the grave injustices faced by the five young men wrongly accused of a crime. The emotional depth, powerful performances, and a strong narrative focus on the impact of institutional failures resonate with themes explored in Chernobyl.

  • Escape at Dannemora image

    5. Escape at Dannemora

    #1,263 most popular show yesterday

    Based on the real-life prison escape in Upstate New York, this miniseries offers a deep dive into character psychologies and the flaws within the American penal system. Its serious tone and methodical storytelling will appeal to viewers who appreciate Chernobyl's gripping narrative style.

  • Waco image

    6. Waco

    #1,409 most popular show yesterday

    Detailing the infamous 51-day standoff in Waco, Texas, this show portrays the tension between the FBI, ATF, and the Branch Davidians. The series brings forth a gripping narrative of a community under siege, evoking a sense of urgency comparable to the disaster storytelling in Chernobyl.