Shows like Community
Looking for shows that are like Community? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Office image

    1. The Office

    #14 most popular show yesterday

    The Office's mockumentary format and focus on an ensemble of eccentric characters make it a natural cousin to Community. Fans who appreciate the off-kilter humor and character dynamics of Greendale Community College will find a similar vibe at Dunder Mifflin.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine image

    2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    #41 most popular show yesterday

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine offers a fast-paced ensemble comedy set in a New York City police department. The witty banter and camaraderie among the diverse group of characters create a similarly humorous dynamic to that found among Community's study group.

  • Parks and Recreation image

    3. Parks and Recreation

    #55 most popular show yesterday

    With a mockumentary style that highlights the idiosyncrasies of its characters, Parks and Recreation shares Community's knack for creating a quirky yet relatable cast. The show's optimistic tone and community-driven stories make it a natural choice for viewers seeking heartfelt laughs.

  • Arrested Development image

    4. Arrested Development

    #328 most popular show yesterday

    This sitcom features a rich ensemble cast and a clever narrative structure underscored by a unique sense of humor, much like Community. The show's intricate storylines and running gags will attract fans looking for smart comedy intertwined with ongoing character development.

  • Silicon Valley image

    5. Silicon Valley

    #388 most popular show yesterday

    Silicon Valley is a witty take on the tech industry and startup culture, featuring a group of socially awkward yet endearing characters. Fans of Community will appreciate the ensemble dynamic and the smart humor that satirizes a specific subculture.

  • Scrubs image

    6. Scrubs

    #539 most popular show yesterday

    Balancing comedic antics with emotional depth, Scrubs follows a group of medical interns in a teaching hospital. Its use of fantasy sequences and offbeat humor aligns well with Community’s own surreal forays, offering a blend of comedy and character exploration.

  • 30 Rock image

    7. 30 Rock

    #562 most popular show yesterday

    Showcasing the backstage antics of a fictional live sketch-comedy series, 30 Rock's fast-paced humor and satirical take on show business will resonate with Community fans who enjoy its meta-humor and pop culture references.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt image

    8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    #1,048 most popular show yesterday

    This series carries the offbeat comedy and rapid-fire jokes that Community fans love, along with a positive protagonist overcoming bizarre circumstances. Kimmy Schmidt’s naive yet determined attitude provides a humorous lens for social commentary, akin to the eccentric perspectives found at Greendale.