Shows like The Office
Looking for shows that are like The Office? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine image

    1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    #37 most popular show yesterday

    This police procedural comedy series presents a humorous take on the New York City Police Department's fictional 99th precinct. Fans of The Office will enjoy the dynamic character interactions and workplace shenanigans in a different setting.

  • Parks and Recreation image

    2. Parks and Recreation

    #81 most popular show yesterday

    Following the mockumentary format, Parks and Recreation takes a comedic look at the bureaucratic world of local government in Pawnee, Indiana. Fans of The Office will appreciate the offbeat humor and endearing characters, complete with a quirky workplace ensemble.

  • Community image

    3. Community

    #110 most popular show yesterday

    Community focuses on a study group at a community college and is known for its meta-humor and pop culture references. Fans of The Office who enjoy ensemble casts and unconventional storytelling will find a home here.

  • Modern Family image

    4. Modern Family

    #137 most popular show yesterday

    This mockumentary-style sitcom explores the lives of a diverse family setup, combining wit and warmth. Its character-driven humor and candid confessionals will resonate with fans of The Office looking for both laughs and heart.

  • Arrested Development image

    5. Arrested Development

    #346 most popular show yesterday

    Known for its intricate writing and unique narrative style, Arrested Development offers a hysterical look into the dysfunctional Bluth family's life. Followers of The Office's humor will appreciate the show’s clever callbacks and running gags.

  • Veep image

    6. Veep

    #393 most popular show yesterday

    This political satire centers on Selina Meyer's journey through the chaotic and comedic landscape of American politics. With its sharp dialogue and farcical scenarios, The Office fans will appreciate Veep's darker humor and the absurdities of workplace politics.

  • Scrubs image

    7. Scrubs

    #512 most popular show yesterday

    This medical comedy-drama series balances humor with emotional depth, similar to The Office. It's set in the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital and follows the lives of its employees, often breaking the fourth wall for laughs and heartfelt moments.

  • 30 Rock image

    8. 30 Rock

    #519 most popular show yesterday

    This satirical sitcom gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional live sketch comedy series. With its witty writing and eccentric characters, 30 Rock shares a similar sense of humor with The Office, appealing to those who love smart comedy.