What is CSI: Miami (TV) About?
CSI: Miami is an American television series that aired from 2002 to 2012. The show follows a team of forensic investigators in Miami, Florida, who work at the Miami-Dade Police Department. Led by Lieutenant Horatio Caine, portrayed by David Caruso, the team consists of experts in various fields such as DNA analysis, ballistics, and trace evidence. The show's main focus is on the investigation of crime scenes and the meticulous analysis of evidence to solve crimes. Inspired by real-life cases, each episode presents a self-contained crime story that often involves high-profile cases and notorious criminals. CSI: Miami is known for its distinctive visual style, with vibrant colors and stylized shots that reflect the vibrant atmosphere of Miami. The show also explores the personal lives and relationships of the characters, adding depth and complexity to the storylines. With its thrilling investigations, captivating storytelling, and memorable characters, CSI: Miami has garnered a dedicated fan base and has become one of the most successful spin-offs of the original CSI series.
The first episode of CSI: Miami aired on September 23, 2002 and the most recent episode to air was on April 08, 2012.