What is Dare Me (TV) About?
‘Dare Me’ is an American teen drama television series that offers a gritty exploration of the competitive high school cheerleading landscape through the lens of mystery and thriller genres. Set in a small Midwestern town, the show centers on a cheerleading squad at Sutton Grove High School that experiences a radical shift in dynamics upon the arrival of their new coach, Colette French. Narratively woven around the lives of Coach French, cheerleader Addy Hanlon, and former squad captain Beth Cassidy, ‘Dare Me’ delves into the psychological undercurrents amongst the teammates. It portrays the effects of power struggles, personal ambitions, and the profound changes incurred by Coach French’s methodologies and secrets. Tensions rise as the characters navigate loyalty, jealousy, and the seductive nature of power. As the season progresses, dark secrets emerge from the backdrop of intense competition, revealing the prices the characters are willing to pay for success and recognition. The series showcases the performances of Willa Fitzgerald as the enigmatic Coach French, Herizen Guardiola as the devoted Addy Hanlon, and Marlo Kelly as the ousted captain Beth Cassidy. While the show was terminated after just one season, ‘Dare Me’ leaves a lasting impression of the intertwining of sport and the darker aspects of human nature within the microcosm of high school hierarchy and rivalry.
The first episode of Dare Me aired on December 29, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on March 08, 2020.