What is DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV) About?
DC's Legends of Tomorrow is an American superhero team-up television series based on characters from DC Comics. The show, created by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Phil Klemmer, first premiered in January 2016. The series is set in the shared Arrowverse, which includes other popular DC superhero shows like Arrow and The Flash. DC's Legends of Tomorrow follows a group of unlikely heroes and anti-heroes who join forces under the leadership of time traveler Rip Hunter to protect the timeline from dangerous threats that could alter history as we know it. The team, consisting of various characters from the DC universe, including both heroes and villains, travels through different time periods in their time-ship, the Waverider, in an attempt to prevent catastrophic events. With its time-traveling premise, the show allows for exciting and adventurous storylines set in various eras, from ancient history to the far future. The ensemble cast of DC's Legends of Tomorrow is comprised of diverse and distinctive characters, each with their own unique set of superhuman abilities and skills. From the wise and enigmatic Rip Hunter to the hot-headed and witty Sara Lance (White Canary), the team's dynamics offer a wide range of personalities and perspectives. The show combines action-packed sequences, superhero battles, and time-bending challenges with lighter moments of humor and camaraderie, creating an engaging and entertaining viewing experience for fans of the superhero genre.
The first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow aired on January 21, 2016 and the most recent episode to air was on March 02, 2022.