What is Dogs of Berlin (TV) About?
Dogs of Berlin is a German crime drama television series created by Christian Alvart. Set in the vibrant and diverse city of Berlin, the show revolves around two detectives, Erol Birkan and Kurt Grimmer, as they navigate the murky world of crime. When the murder of a famous German-Turkish soccer player shakes the city, Birkan and Grimmer are assigned to solve the case, uncovering layers of corruption, racism, and violence in the process. The show delves deep into the complex relationship between the police and the criminal underworld, shedding light on the socio-political issues plaguing modern-day Berlin. With its raw and gritty portrayal, Dogs of Berlin captures the essence of the city's criminal underbelly, offering a compelling and suspenseful viewing experience. The series combines elements of crime, drama, and thriller genres, providing an intense and thought-provoking narrative. With its stellar cast, excellent writing, and stunning cinematography, Dogs of Berlin stands out as a must-watch for fans of dark and gripping crime dramas.
The first episode of Dogs of Berlin aired on December 07, 2018 and the most recent episode to air was on December 07, 2018.