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What is Emergence About?

Emergence list of episodes
Emergence is a thrilling science fiction television series that combines mystery, drama, and supernatural elements to create an exciting and thought-provoking narrative. The show revolves around the discovery of a young girl, found unharmed and without any memory, at the site of a mysterious plane crash. As the local police investigate her true identity, they uncover a series of unexplainable events and realize that the girl possesses extraordinary powers. Caught in a web of conspiracy and danger, the girl's adoptive mother, a no-nonsense police chief, and a compassionate detective join forces to protect her from those who seek to exploit her gifts for their own gain. With each episode, Emergence delves deeper into the girl's origins, the dark secrets that surround her, and the complex network of individuals determined to control her abilities. The show keeps viewers engaged with its clever plot twists, intense action sequences, and a cast of compelling characters who must navigate moral dilemmas and personal sacrifices in their quest to uncover the truth. With its blend of sci-fi intrigue, emotional depth, and pulse-pounding suspense, Emergence offers a captivating viewing experience that will appeal to fans of mystery, conspiracy, and the supernatural.
The first episode of Emergence aired on September 24, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on January 28, 2020.