Shows like Encounters
Looking for shows that are like Encounters? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The X-Files image

    1. The X-Files

    #206 most popular show yesterday

    The X-Files is a classic series that delves into the unexplained and paranormal. With its iconic duo, Mulder and Scully, tackling extraterrestrial cases, it's a staple for viewers who want to believe in the strange and unknown.

  • Ancient Aliens image

    2. Ancient Aliens

    #312 most popular show yesterday

    Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years. For those interested in historical mysteries and extraterrestrial theories, this show offers a compelling dive into the unknown.

  • Fringe image

    3. Fringe

    #528 most popular show yesterday

    Fringe follows an FBI unit dedicated to investigating mysterious and often inexplicable phenomena. With its focus on fringe science and the supernatural, it offers a thrilling experience similar to the intrigues of Encounters.

  • Project Blue Book image

    4. Project Blue Book

    #1,131 most popular show yesterday

    Project Blue Book is inspired by the real-life Project Blue Book Operation, a series of studies on UFOs by the United States Air Force. The mix of historical context with the supernatural elements makes it an ideal pick for fans of otherworldly encounters.

  • Roswell, New Mexico image

    5. Roswell, New Mexico

    #1,318 most popular show yesterday

    Roswell, New Mexico is a drama featuring the lives of alien-human hybrids hiding in plain sight. It mixes romance, conspiracy, and the supernatural, providing a modern take on the storied UFO hotspot that fans of Encounters might appreciate.

  • Taken image

    6. Taken

    #1,489 most popular show yesterday

    Taken, a sci-fi miniseries, spans multiple decades and follows families affected by alien abduction. The series' blend of deep character development and the alien phenomenon will resonate with viewers who enjoy complex narratives and extraterrestrial themes.