What is Family Matters (TV) About?
Family Matters is a beloved American sitcom that aired from 1989 to 1998. Created by William Bickley and Michael Warren, the show centers around the Winslow family, living in the suburbs of Chicago. Led by patriarch Carl Winslow, a kind-hearted police officer, and his wife Harriette, the Winslows face an array of relatable challenges and comedic mishaps. The show became immensely popular for its memorable characters, such as the lovable nerd Steve Urkel, who quickly became an iconic TV character of the 1990s. Family Matters explores a range of issues with humor and heart, including family dynamics, teenage problems, and the ups and downs of everyday life. The show's positive messages about love, friendship, and the importance of family make it a timeless favorite among viewers of all ages.
The first episode of Family Matters aired on September 22, 1989 and the most recent episode to air was on July 17, 1998.