Shows like FBI
Looking for shows that are like FBI? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Criminal Minds image

    1. Criminal Minds

    #61 most popular show yesterday

    Zeroing in on the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, Criminal Minds stands out for its psychological edge, profiling suspects to prevent crimes. Fans of FBI looking for a deeper dive into the minds of criminals will be captivated.

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit image

    2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    #88 most popular show yesterday

    A riveting and long-standing series focusing on a New York-based unit that investigates sexually based offenses. Viewers who are pulled into FBI's blend of personal drama and crime-solving will find a similar allure in SVU's episodes.

  • NCIS image

    3. NCIS

    #97 most popular show yesterday

    Following the workings of Naval Criminal Investigative Service, this series dives into a specialized team tackling military-related crimes. Those who appreciate the procedural aspect of FBI, paired with a mix of camaraderie and action, will find NCIS consistently delivers.

  • Blue Bloods image

    4. Blue Bloods

    #147 most popular show yesterday

    This series takes a family-centric view, focusing on a family of NYPD members. With its mix of police work and family dynamics, Blue Bloods will resonate with FBI fans interested in law enforcement both on the job and at home.

  • Chicago P.D. image

    5. Chicago P.D.

    #169 most popular show yesterday

    Part of the Chicago franchise, this show follows the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department. Like FBI, it offers a raw look at the lives of officers balancing intense cases with personal struggles.

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation image

    6. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    #414 most popular show yesterday

    Paving the way for forensic crime dramas, CSI explores complex cases through high-tech crime scene analysis. Admirers of FBI's investigative twists and turns will appreciate the similar attention to detail in CSI.

  • Hawaii Five-0 image

    7. Hawaii Five-0

    #571 most popular show yesterday

    With its exotic locale and high-stakes action, Hawaii Five-0 follows an elite task force tackling crime on the islands. It's a sure hit for those who enjoy FBI's teamwork and intense case-of-the-week format but crave a tropical backdrop.