Shows like Frasier
Looking for shows that are like Frasier? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Seinfeld image

    1. Seinfeld

    #60 most popular show yesterday

    A contemporary of Frasier, Seinfeld offers another slice of '90s sitcom life. While it provides more of an ensemble cast focus, its sharp writing and unique take on everyday situations will appeal to those who appreciate Frasier's comedic style.

  • Friends image

    2. Friends

    #109 most popular show yesterday

    Central to '90s television, Friends features a group dynamic that, while younger and more romance-driven than Frasier, brings humor out of interpersonal relationships and individual quirks in a way that's relatable and engaging.

  • Cheers image

    3. Cheers

    #205 most popular show yesterday

    As the predecessor to Frasier, Cheers is where we first meet the loquacious psychiatrist. Set in a Boston bar, it’s a comedic haven of camaraderie and witty dialogue that fans of Frasier's humor will love.

  • The Golden Girls image

    4. The Golden Girls

    #215 most popular show yesterday

    Though it predates Frasier, The Golden Girls shares the smart dialogue and strong character-driven humor. Focusing on a group of older women sharing a home in Miami, it offers laughs and heart in equal measure.

  • Everybody Loves Raymond image

    5. Everybody Loves Raymond

    #413 most popular show yesterday

    Centering on the comical everyday life of sportswriter Ray Barone and his family, this show resonates with Frasier fans through its blend of wit, slapstick, and family dynamics.

  • Will & Grace image

    6. Will & Grace

    #434 most popular show yesterday

    This sitcom provides a similar sophisticated urban humor to Frasier, focusing on the friendship between a gay lawyer and a straight interior designer. The sharp, snappy dialogue and exploration of social themes make it a kindred spirit.

  • Murphy Brown image

    7. Murphy Brown

    #1,159 most popular show yesterday

    Offering a bold and sharp-tongued take on life and politics, Murphy Brown presents an eponymous heroine whose strength and intellect parallel Frasier Crane’s in a similarly humorous and sometimes poignant setting.