Shows like Will & Grace
Looking for shows that are like Will & Grace? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Sex and the City image

    1. Sex and the City

    #93 most popular show yesterday

    Chronicling the lives of four women in New York City, this show's blend of comedy, romance, and frank discussions about sexuality and relationships will resonate with fans of 'Will & Grace'.

  • Friends image

    2. Friends

    #101 most popular show yesterday

    A classic ensemble sitcom featuring a group of friends navigating love, careers, and life in Manhattan. With its charismatic cast and blend of humor and heart, 'Friends' captures a similar zest for relationships and comedy as 'Will & Grace'.

  • Modern Family image

    3. Modern Family

    #122 most popular show yesterday

    Featuring an eclectic family and their dynamic relationships, 'Modern Family' applies a mockumentary style to deliver clever humor and relatable situations, in a manner reminiscent of 'Will & Grace's' charm.

  • The Golden Girls image

    4. The Golden Girls

    #238 most popular show yesterday

    A beloved sitcom that, like 'Will & Grace', revolves around a tight-knit group's friendship and life's comedic trials, with sharp dialogue, memorable characters, and a progressive approach to social issues.

  • Frasier image

    5. Frasier

    #394 most popular show yesterday

    This Cheers spinoff focuses on Dr. Frasier Crane's return to Seattle where he strikes a balance between family life and his call-in radio show. 'Frasier' offers witty dialogue and sophisticated humor akin to 'Will & Grace'.

  • Murphy Brown image

    6. Murphy Brown

    #1,033 most popular show yesterday

    Starring Candice Bergen as an investigative journalist and TV anchor, 'Murphy Brown' offers sharp wit and strong characters, appealing to those who love the humorous and topical banter of 'Will & Grace'.