What is Frontier (TV) About?
Frontier is a Canadian historical drama television series that delves into the rugged and often brutal world of the fur trade in late 18th-century Canada. Set against the vast and unforgiving landscapes, the series delivers a multifaceted portrayal of the era, highlighting the savage fight for control over the lucrative fur trade. The show weaves its story from an array of perspectives, depicting the tense interactions amongst diverse groups including indigenous tribes, ambitious traders, and the omnipresent Hudson's Bay Company. Key to the narrative is Declan Harp, a ferocious and charismatic half-Irish, half-Cree outlaw, who challenges the stranglehold of the Hudson's Bay Company over the fur industry. His campaign is fraught with dangers, including treacherous alliances, ferocious battles, and the unforgiving environment, all of which paint a raw picture of life and commerce in colonial Canada. The series not only offers high-stakes drama but also explores the intricate negotiations and relations that are pivotal in this historical context. The survival tactics, political intricacies, and cultural clashes form an intense tapestry of human endeavor and resilience, making Frontier a gripping portrayal of one of the foundational periods of North American history.
The first episode of Frontier aired on November 06, 2016 and the most recent episode to air was on November 23, 2018.