Shows like Frontier
Looking for shows that are like Frontier? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Last Kingdom image

    1. The Last Kingdom

    #244 most popular show yesterday

    With its gritty portrayal of the Viking era, The Last Kingdom offers a similar historical authenticity and intense action. It follows the quest of Uhtred, a Saxon noble captured and raised by Vikings, who seeks to claim his ancestral birthright.

  • Black Sails image

    2. Black Sails

    #259 most popular show yesterday

    A prequel to the classic 'Treasure Island,' Black Sails is a high-seas drama filled with pirates and political maneuvering. If you're intrigued by Frontier's power struggles and alliances, this show's intense action and character depth will hook you.

  • Vikings image

    3. Vikings

    #273 most popular show yesterday

    This series explores the legendary saga of Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew. If the exploration and conquests of the New World in Frontier pique your interest, Vikings' tales of exploration and conflict will captivate you.

  • Deadwood image

    4. Deadwood

    #437 most popular show yesterday

    In this gritty Western, viewers are transported to Deadwood, South Dakota, in the 1870s. The show's focus on frontier life, lawlessness, and its raw, authentic atmosphere will resonate with fans of Frontier's harsh yet compelling portrayal of the past.

  • Marco Polo image

    5. Marco Polo

    #1,079 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the 13th century in the court of Kublai Khan, Marco Polo is filled with political intrigue and epic battles similar to those in Frontier. Fans will appreciate the complex relationships and rich storytelling based on historical events.