What is Ghosted (TV) About?
Ghosted is a paranormal-themed comedy television series that premiered in 2017. Set in Los Angeles, the show tells the story of Leroy Wright and Max Jennifer, two completely different individuals who are brought together to investigate supernatural activities. Leroy, played by Craig Robinson, is a former detective with a cynical and skeptical view of the world. Max, portrayed by Adam Scott, is a brilliant astrophysicist and a true believer in the paranormal. The two are recruited by a top-secret government agency called The Bureau Underground, led by Captain Ava Lafrey (Amber Stevens West), to uncover the truth behind unexplained phenomena. As Leroy and Max reluctantly team up, they encounter ghosts, aliens, and other supernatural beings while navigating their mismatched dynamic. With its blend of humor and mystery, Ghosted offers a unique and entertaining take on the paranormal genre. The show features a talented ensemble cast, including Ally Walker as the enigmatic Doctor Annie Carver and Adeel Akhtar as the tech-savvy Barry Shaw. Ghosted combines comedy, sci-fi, and a touch of buddy cop dynamics to deliver an enjoyable and lighthearted viewing experience for fans of the supernatural.
The first episode of Ghosted aired on October 01, 2017 and the most recent episode to air was on July 22, 2018.