Shows like Hell's Kitchen
Looking for shows that are like Hell's Kitchen? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • MasterChef image

    1. MasterChef

    #175 most popular show yesterday

    MasterChef invites amateur and home chefs to compete for the title of the best cook. It offers the same competitive spirit as Hell's Kitchen, hosted by Gordon Ramsay, with a mix of cooking challenges and high stakes.

  • Top Chef image

    2. Top Chef

    #351 most popular show yesterday

    Another renowned cooking competition, Top Chef features professional chefs vying against each other in various culinary challenges. With its emphasis on creativity and presentation, it's an excellent pick for fans of intense kitchen showdowns.

  • Chopped image

    3. Chopped

    #414 most popular show yesterday

    Chopped is a fast-paced cooking show where chefs must create a three-course meal using mystery ingredients. The pressure and surprise elements will resonate with anyone who appreciates the tense atmosphere of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Kitchen Nightmares image

    4. Kitchen Nightmares

    #477 most popular show yesterday

    Also starring Gordon Ramsay, Kitchen Nightmares focuses on the chef helping failing restaurants turn their businesses around. Viewers who appreciate Ramsay's tough-love approach in Hell's Kitchen will find a similar appeal here.