Shows like MasterChef
Looking for shows that are like MasterChef? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Hell's Kitchen image

    1. Hell's Kitchen

    #264 most popular show yesterday

    Gordon Ramsay brings his signature intensity to Hell's Kitchen, where chefs compete for a prestigious culinary position. The stress is high and the standards even higher, making it a perfect follow-up for MasterChef enthusiasts.

  • Top Chef image

    2. Top Chef

    #317 most popular show yesterday

    Top Chef pits aspiring chefs against one another in a series of challenges judged by culinary giants. The competition is fierce and the flavors bold, offering a savory treat for viewers who have developed a palate for MasterChef.

  • Chopped image

    3. Chopped

    #372 most popular show yesterday

    This show throws four chefs into a kitchen with mystery ingredients, pushing creativity and culinary skill to the limit. MasterChef fans will savor the suspense and the innovative dishes created under pressure.

  • The Great British Bake Off image

    4. The Great British Bake Off

    #382 most popular show yesterday

    A gentler competition that focuses on the art of baking. The charming English setting and the camaraderie among contestants make it a sweet alternative for those who love the nurturing aspect of MasterChef.

  • Nailed It! image

    5. Nailed It!

    #1,877 most popular show yesterday

    Nailed It! injects humor into the cooking show format by featuring amateur bakers striving to recreate professional sweets. It's a more lighthearted option, retaining the passion for food that MasterChef fans enjoy.