What is MerPeople (TV) About?
‘MerPeople’ is a documentary-style television series that offers viewers a glimpse into the unique and enchanting realm of professional mermaiding. The series uncovers the diverse experiences and motivations of individuals who don elaborate mermaid tails and engage in underwater performances, embodying the mythical sea creatures in pools, aquariums, and open water venues around the world. From hobbyists who find joy and a sense of community in the mermaid lifestyle to entrepreneurs who have tapped into the lucrative potential of the mermaiding market, the show highlights personal stories and the broader cultural phenomenon. The industry's significant financial footprint, reaching upwards of half a billion dollars, is a recurring theme, demonstrating the convergence of passion and commerce in this subculture. ‘MerPeople’ ultimately provides an insightful look at the dedication required in crafting these aquatic alter egos and the vibrant, flourishing industry that has emerged around them.
The first episode of MerPeople aired on May 23, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on May 23, 2023.