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What is Mike Tyson Mysteries About?

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Mike Tyson Mysteries
Mike Tyson Mysteries is a hilarious animated comedy series created by Hugh Davidson, Lee Stimmel, and Mike Tyson himself. The show revolves around the life of the former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, who now spends his days as a solver of peculiar mysteries. Assisted by a team of colorful and unconventional characters, including his adopted daughter Yung Hee, a sardonic ghost known as the Marquess of Queensberry, and a foul-mouthed, alcoholic pigeon named Pigeon, Tyson embarks on a variety of absurd adventures. From resurrecting dead rock stars to saving a kidnapped heiress, each episode presents a new and unpredictable case for the dynamic team to solve. With its offbeat humor, hilarious dialogue, and unexpected plot twists, Mike Tyson Mysteries is a true gem in the world of animated comedy. The show's unique blend of slapstick humor, witty banter, and surreal storytelling makes it a delightful watch for both adult viewers and children, offering a refreshing and light-hearted alternative to traditional mystery-solving series. Mike Tyson Mysteries has received critical acclaim for its distinctive animation style, clever writing, and outstanding voice performances. It has become a fan favorite, winning hearts with its offbeat charm and endlessly entertaining adventures.
The first episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries aired on October 27, 2014 and the most recent episode to air was on February 16, 2020.