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What is Press About?

Press list of episodes
Press is a British drama television series that takes viewers inside the cutthroat world of tabloid journalism. Set in the bustling newsroom of two rival newspapers, the show explores the myriad challenges faced by journalists as they strive to break stories and capture public attention. With a strong emphasis on the ethical dilemmas inherent in modern journalism, Press offers a thought-provoking examination of the intersection between truth, integrity, and the pursuit of success. The series delves into the inner workings of newspaper offices, shedding light on the intense pressure and intense competition that drives the media industry. The talented ensemble cast delivers compelling performances, bringing to life the complex and flawed characters who populate this high-stakes world. As the show delves into the personal and professional lives of its characters, it examines the profound impact that the media has on society as a whole. Addressing topics such as privacy invasion, sensationalism, and the power of the press to shape public opinion, Press presents an unflinching and engaging portrayal of the challenges faced by journalists in the digital age.
The first episode of Press aired on September 06, 2018 and the most recent episode to air was on October 11, 2018.