Shows like Prison Break
Looking for shows that are like Prison Break? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • 24 image

    1. 24

    #112 most popular show yesterday

    Featuring high-stakes scenarios and a relentless ticking clock, 24 delivers a similar level of suspense and dramatic twists that will captivate Prison Break aficionados looking for action-driven storytelling.

  • Lost image

    2. Lost

    #248 most popular show yesterday

    Although this series trades prison walls for a mysterious island, Lost's intricate plot lines, rich character development, and the overarching goal of escape makes it a compelling watch for fans of complex narratives like Prison Break.

  • Person of Interest image

    3. Person of Interest

    #347 most popular show yesterday

    While not a prison-focused show, Person of Interest's narrative of a duo preventing crimes with the help of an advanced surveillance AI, weaves together thrilling elements of action, mystery, and intricate storylines that Prison Break fans might enjoy.

  • Oz image

    4. Oz

    #551 most popular show yesterday

    A gritty portrayal of life in an all-male maximum-security prison. With its dark atmosphere and complex characters, Oz paved the way for shows like Prison Break, offering a harsh, unflinching look at prison life.

  • Blindspot image

    5. Blindspot

    #989 most popular show yesterday

    Fans of conspiracy theories and tattoos linking to a larger puzzle will find Blindspot intriguing, as it revolves around a mysterious woman and a complex web of crimes that slowly unfold in a high-stakes environment.