Shows like Saturday Night Live
Looking for shows that are like Saturday Night Live? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Key & Peele image

    1. Key & Peele

    #609 most popular show yesterday

    Boasting a smaller cast but equally sharp wit, Key & Peele delivers tightly scripted sketches that often tackle issues of race, culture, and identity. Audiences who enjoy SNL's mix of political satire and character comedy may also enjoy Key & Peele's modern perspective.

  • Portlandia image

    2. Portlandia

    #1,257 most popular show yesterday

    Portlandia's quirky and satirical take on contemporary culture, especially hipster and alternative lifestyles, delivers laughs in a sketch format. With Fred Armisen, an SNL alumnus, as one of the creators, the connection to SNL's creative humor is evident.

  • The Kids in the Hall image

    3. The Kids in the Hall

    #1,634 most popular show yesterday

    This Canadian show is known for its offbeat sketches and character-driven bits, with a surreal bent that set it apart from contemporaries like SNL. The Kids in the Hall's unique comic sensibility and cult following might attract those who appreciate SNL's format.

  • Comedy Bang! Bang! image

    4. Comedy Bang! Bang!

    #1,812 most popular show yesterday

    This show combines sketch comedy with a faux talk show format, featuring celebrity guests and surreal comedy bits. SNL fans who enjoy celebrity impressions and parodies may find Comedy Bang! Bang!'s unique blend of humor appealing.