What is Seven Seconds (TV) About?
Seven Seconds is a gripping crime drama series that delves into the aftermath of a tragic accident involving a young African-American boy and a white police officer. Set against the backdrop of Jersey City, the show meticulously examines the complex dynamics of race, justice, and the criminal justice system. Drawing inspiration from real-world events, Seven Seconds weaves a thought-provoking narrative that challenges viewers' perceptions and offers a sobering reflection on the deeply ingrained systemic flaws within the American legal system. Through its powerfully emotional storytelling and exceptional performances, the series immerses the audience in the moral dilemmas and personal journeys of the victim's family and the police officer involved, highlighting the profound impact of social biases and racial tensions on the pursuit of justice.
The first episode of Seven Seconds aired on February 23, 2018 and the most recent episode to air was on February 23, 2018.