Shows like Stitchers
Looking for shows that are like Stitchers? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Lucifer image

    1. Lucifer

    #278 most popular show yesterday

    Lucifer combines police procedural elements with the supernatural, following the Devil himself as he assists the LAPD in solving crimes. Fans of Stitchers' crime-solving aspects with a fantastical twist will enjoy Lucifer's charm and otherworldly investigations.

  • Fringe image

    2. Fringe

    #530 most popular show yesterday

    Fringe delves into fringe science and unexplained phenomena, focusing on an FBI agent and her unconventional team. Audiences fond of the scientific and technological aspects of Stitchers will appreciate Fringe's deep dive into bizarre and mind-bending cases.

  • The Librarians image

    3. The Librarians

    #1,060 most popular show yesterday

    The Librarians centers around an ancient organization tasked with protecting the world from magical threats. It's a perfect follow-up for those who appreciate Stitchers' blend of episodic investigations with an overarching narrative involving mystical concepts.

  • iZombie image

    4. iZombie

    #1,081 most popular show yesterday

    iZombie combines elements of crime-solving with a supernatural twist. Like Stitchers, the protagonist has an unusual ability that helps solve murders. It revolves around a medical resident turned zombie who eats brains to maintain her humanity and gain the victims' memories.

  • Deadly Class image

    5. Deadly Class

    #1,504 most popular show yesterday

    Though more of a dark thriller, Deadly Class' narrative about a school for assassins features young adults navigating a dangerous world, which can be reminiscent of the youthful investigative team in Stitchers, bound together by uncommon circumstances.