Shows like The Chalet
Looking for shows that are like The Chalet? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Twin Peaks image

    1. Twin Peaks

    #100 most popular show yesterday

    Twin Peaks combines murder mystery with surreal and supernatural elements. Its cult-classic status is due to its unique storytelling and eerie atmosphere, providing a similar small-town mystery vibe with a lot more quirkiness than The Chalet. Viewers looking for a blend of drama and dark comedy will find this a compelling watch.

  • Dark image

    2. Dark

    #185 most popular show yesterday

    Dark is a German series that combines family drama with supernatural time-travel twists. It draws viewers into a world of unsolved mysteries, much like The Chalet, but with a sci-fi angle. Those interested in tightly-woven storylines and atmospheric tension will find it gripping.

  • Mare of Easttown image

    3. Mare of Easttown

    #545 most popular show yesterday

    Starring Kate Winslet, Mare of Easttown is a gritty and engrossing miniseries that follows a detective investigating a murder in a small Pennsylvania town. Its dedication to fleshing out both the characters and the community echoes The Chalet's approach to storytelling.

  • The Sinner image

    4. The Sinner

    #670 most popular show yesterday

    The Sinner is a crime anthology series where each season explores the motives behind a startling and often inexplicable crime. Similar to The Chalet, The Sinner provides a complex psychological puzzle that viewers can piece together.

  • Sharp Objects image

    5. Sharp Objects

    #690 most popular show yesterday

    Based on Gillian Flynn's novel, Sharp Objects is a psychological thriller miniseries featuring a journalist who returns to her small hometown to report on a series of murders. Its slow-burn mystery and exploration of its protagonist's troubled past create a similar tone to The Chalet.

  • The Stranger image

    6. The Stranger

    #797 most popular show yesterday

    The Stranger is based on a Harlan Coben novel, set in England, where a stranger reveals secrets to several townspeople, igniting a chain of events. Like The Chalet, this series offers a suspenseful journey with multiple storylines and a small-town backdrop.