What is The Chosen (TV) About?
The Chosen is a captivating and thought-provoking television series that offers a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Created, directed, and co-written by Dallas Jenkins, the show takes viewers on a remarkable journey, delving into the biblical narratives with a modern approach. Set in the first century, the series brings to life the story of Jesus' ministry and the people he encounters, presenting a multi-dimensional portrayal of these well-known biblical characters. The Chosen seamlessly combines authentic storytelling with high production value, resulting in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant viewing experience. The show explores the human aspects of Jesus and his disciples, showcasing their struggles, doubts, and triumphs. It provides a deeper understanding of the profound impact Jesus had on the lives of those around him. The Chosen has garnered a dedicated fanbase worldwide and has been praised for its respectful and nuanced depiction of religious themes. It successfully creates an immersive and engaging narrative that appeals to both believers and non-believers, as it encourages viewers to contemplate the relevance and significance of Jesus' teachings in today's world. The Chosen is an exceptional series that leaves a lasting impression, challenging audiences to consider the transformative power of faith, hope, and love.
The first episode of The Chosen aired on April 21, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on February 29, 2024.