What is The Dick Van Dyke Show (TV) About?
The Dick Van Dyke Show is an iconic American sitcom that made a significant mark on television comedy in the 1960s. It stars Dick Van Dyke as Rob Petrie, a head writer for the fictional 'Alan Brady Show,' navigating the complexities of both his career and family life. Set primarily in the suburban setting of New Rochelle, New York, the series delves into Rob's life with his wife, Laura, played by Mary Tyler Moore, and their son Ritchie. At work, Rob is often entangled in amusing situations with his fellow writers, the sarcastic Buddy Sorrell and the witty Sally Rogers, as well as the show's producer, Mel Cooley. Each episode typically features a standalone storyline where Rob’s personal and professional worlds collide, resulting in comedic scenarios that resonate with everyday family and work life. The ensemble cast, sharp writing, and relatable characters contributed to the show’s five-season run on CBS and its enduring popularity in television history.
The first episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show aired on October 03, 1961 and the most recent episode to air was on June 01, 1966.