Shows like The Expanse
Looking for shows that are like The Expanse? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Star Trek: Discovery image

    1. Star Trek: Discovery

    #114 most popular show yesterday

    Showcases a futuristic space exploration narrative with a diverse crew aboard a starship. Much like The Expanse, it explores political themes and has a strong emphasis on character arcs.

  • The Mandalorian image

    2. The Mandalorian

    #158 most popular show yesterday

    Although set in the Star Wars universe, it offers a rich space-western story with compelling characters and planetary politics that should satisfy anyone craving more sci-fi action similar to The Expanse.

  • Battlestar Galactica image

    3. Battlestar Galactica

    #425 most popular show yesterday

    A gripping series that mirrors The Expanse's political intrigue and space opera elements. Fans of complex character development and moral quandaries set against the backdrop of humanity's struggle for survival will be captivated.

  • Firefly image

    4. Firefly

    #461 most popular show yesterday

    This cult classic features a tight-knit crew aboard a spaceship in a future where space has been colonized. Its combination of humor, action, and drama is highly reminiscent of the camaraderie and adventure seen in The Expanse.

  • Altered Carbon image

    5. Altered Carbon

    #804 most popular show yesterday

    Takes viewers into a cyberpunk future where consciousness can be transferred to different bodies. Fans of The Expanse's high-stakes storytelling and its exploration of human identity will find much to like here.

  • Lost in Space image

    6. Lost in Space

    #835 most popular show yesterday

    A family-focused adventure series set in space, it provides a similar sense of exploration and survival against the odds. With a modern twist on the 1960s classic, fans of The Expanse's world-building should enjoy it.

  • Killjoys image

    7. Killjoys

    #1,767 most popular show yesterday

    Centers on a trio of bounty hunters operating in a distant planetary system. While more light-hearted, its space adventure and complex political landscape will resonate with fans of The Expanse.