What is The Grimm Variations (TV) About?
The Grimm Variations is a Japanese original net animation (ONA) series, produced by the acclaimed Wit Studio and set to be globally available on Netflix. This anthology series delves into the storied world of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, reinventing the narrative framework to present six distinct tales that offer a modernized, darker approach to the familiar lore. Aimed at painting the shadowy side of human desires, each episode is crafted by different esteemed directors, ensuring diverse and unique visual and narrative styles. The series comes to life under the guidance of scriptwriter Michiko Yokote and the musical composition of Akira Miyagawa, setting a captivating backdrop for the storytelling. A collaboration with six mangaka creators, including the renowned artist collective Clamp, has infused the series with a distinctive manga-influenced aesthetic. Characterized by its gothic and sophisticated ambiance, The Grimm Variations gives audiences a chance to experience the Brothers Grimm's world like never before. It pays homage to the source material through a contemporary lens, challenging viewers' expectations, and expanding the narrative dimensions of the classic fairy tales. From its inception announced in February 2020 to the unveiling of its episode titles at the 2024 AnimeJapan convention, The Grimm Variations promises to be a creative reinvention of age-old stories for a new generation of viewers.
The first episode of The Grimm Variations aired on April 17, 2024 and the most recent episode to air was on Invalid Date.