What is The Lincoln Lawyer (TV) About?
The Lincoln Lawyer is an American legal drama television series that revolves around the character Mickey Haller, portrayed by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. Haller is a resourceful defense attorney based in Los Angeles, distinguished by his unconventional office inside a Lincoln Navigator. Throughout the series, he tackles various legal challenges, with the narrative beginning as he takes on a complex murder trial that marks his return to the legal field after a professional hiatus due to an accident. The series features a cast that includes Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, Angus Sampson, and Christopher Gorham, and is noted for intertwining personal storylines with intricate legal battles. Originating from the bestselling works of Michael Connelly, specifically adopting its initial plot from Connelly's 2008 novel 'The Brass Verdict', The Lincoln Lawyer provides viewers with a blend of courtroom drama and character-driven storytelling. The show premiered on Netflix, capturing audience attention with its compelling plot and approach to legal strategy. The Lincoln Lawyer stands out for its unique depiction of a lawyer's life, maneuvering through various twists and turns both inside and outside the courtroom.
The first episode of The Lincoln Lawyer aired on May 13, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on August 03, 2023.