Shows like The Lincoln Lawyer
Looking for shows that are like The Lincoln Lawyer? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Better Call Saul image

    1. Better Call Saul

    #41 most popular show yesterday

    As a prequel to the acclaimed series Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul explores the life of small-time lawyer Jimmy McGill before he becomes Saul Goodman. Fans of legal dramas with morally complex characters and intricate storytelling will definitely want to tune in.

  • Suits image

    2. Suits

    #73 most popular show yesterday

    Set in a New York City law firm, this series follows talented college dropout Mike Ross who works as a law associate despite never having attended law school. Suits offers a blend of legal intrigue and high-stakes character drama, appealing to viewers who appreciate smart, but soapy, tension-filled plots.

  • The Good Wife image

    3. The Good Wife

    #302 most popular show yesterday

    The Good Wife presents a deep dive into the personal and professional life of a woman restarting her career in law after her husband's very public scandal. The series is renowned for its clever writing, strong performances, and compelling episodic legal cases.

  • How to Get Away with Murder image

    4. How to Get Away with Murder

    #510 most popular show yesterday

    This series hooks viewers with its high-octane blend of legal and personal drama, centered on a law professor and her students who become entangled in a murder plot. It's a must-watch for those who enjoy The Lincoln Lawyer's courtroom suspense and complex character dynamics.

  • Goliath image

    5. Goliath

    #837 most popular show yesterday

    Billy Bob Thornton stars as a disgraced lawyer seeking redemption and justice through a series of David vs. Goliath legal battles. Its depiction of an underdog attorney's fight against powerful forces will resonate with fans who appreciate The Lincoln Lawyer.

  • Perry Mason image

    6. Perry Mason

    #1,094 most popular show yesterday

    The 2020 remake of the classic series Perry Mason, which offers a grittier take on the titular character's beginnings as a detective and eventually a defense lawyer in 1930s Los Angeles. While set in a different era, it shares the theme of an unconventional lawyer battling cases and his own demons.