Shows like Goliath
Looking for shows that are like Goliath? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Better Call Saul image

    1. Better Call Saul

    #49 most popular show yesterday

    Diving into the world of legal drama with a side of dark comedy, Better Call Saul serves as a gripping prequel to the acclaimed series Breaking Bad. Fans of Goliath will appreciate the intricate portrayal of legal battles and the morally complex character of Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer with big ambitions.

  • Suits image

    2. Suits

    #68 most popular show yesterday

    Suits delivers a slick, stylish glance into the high-pressure environment of a top New York law firm. Fans of Goliath looking for a clever combination of legal strategy and interpersonal dynamics, along with sharp-witted banter, will feel right at home with Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.

  • Billions image

    3. Billions

    #235 most popular show yesterday

    Focused on the high-stakes game between a shrewd U.S. Attorney and an ambitious hedge fund king, Billions is a show laden with power struggles and keen strategic maneuvers. Fans of Goliath's sharp legal minds and the interplay between money and law will find Billions to be cut from the same cloth.

  • The Good Wife image

    4. The Good Wife

    #350 most popular show yesterday

    The Good Wife explores the personal and professional life of Alicia Florrick, a woman thrust into the legal spotlight after her husband's scandal. With its blend of courtroom drama, political intrigue, and strong character development, viewers of Goliath will find it equally compelling.

  • Bosch image

    5. Bosch

    #627 most popular show yesterday

    As a Los Angeles-based neo-noir, Bosch shares the city's gritty backdrop with Goliath, offering a raw perspective on crime and justice. Fans drawn to Goliath's dedication to the pursuit of the truth will resonate with Detective Harry Bosch's relentless quest against corruption.

  • Damages image

    6. Damages

    #1,052 most popular show yesterday

    In Damages, the world of high-stakes litigation takes center stage, featuring Glenn Close as the formidable Patty Hewes. Viewers who enjoy Goliath's intense cases and morally ambiguous characters will be drawn to the psychological complexity and thrilling narrative twists of this legal drama.

  • Perry Mason image

    7. Perry Mason

    #1,057 most popular show yesterday

    The recent revival of Perry Mason blends the classic courtroom drama with the depth of a character-driven series. Set in 1930s LA, it delivers a noir aesthetic and complex narrative that fans of Goliath's legal intrigue will appreciate.