Shows like Damages
Looking for shows that are like Damages? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Suits image

    1. Suits

    #72 most popular show yesterday

    Suits is known for its witty banter, high-stakes legal battles, and complex characters. Viewers who enjoy the sharp dialogue and power plays in Damages will likely get hooked on Suits.

  • Billions image

    2. Billions

    #246 most popular show yesterday

    Billions pits power players in the financial world against each other, blending a sharp script with morally ambiguous characters. Admirers of Damages' complex narrative and character dynamics might enjoy the cat-and-mouse game of Billions.

  • The Affair image

    3. The Affair

    #338 most popular show yesterday

    While not a legal drama, The Affair explores the psychological complexities of relationships and individual perspectives, similar to the character-driven narratives and moral dilemmas in Damages.

  • Scandal image

    4. Scandal

    #342 most popular show yesterday

    Scandal dives into the murky waters of political crisis management, with a strong female lead at its helm. Fans of the high-stakes and layered storytelling of Damages would find Scandal's blend of drama and suspense compelling.

  • The Good Wife image

    5. The Good Wife

    #369 most popular show yesterday

    The Good Wife offers a compelling mix of courtroom drama and political intrigue. Fans of Damages will appreciate the strong, complex female lead and the intricate plotlines that weave personal and professional challenges together.

  • How to Get Away with Murder image

    6. How to Get Away with Murder

    #424 most popular show yesterday

    This show delivers a masterclass in manipulation and legal thrills, with a powerhouse performance from Viola Davis. The multiple timeline storytelling and moral ambiguity make it a fitting companion for Damages enthusiasts.

  • Boston Legal image

    7. Boston Legal

    #987 most popular show yesterday

    Boston Legal provides a blend of quirky humor and thought-provoking legal cases. While tonally different, it still offers the same smart, twisty courtroom drama that can satisfy a fan of the intricate storytelling found in Damages.