Shows like Scandal
Looking for shows that are like Scandal? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Designated Survivor image

    1. Designated Survivor

    #269 most popular show yesterday

    With an unexpected president thrust into the midst of a national crisis, Designated Survivor explores the themes of political intrigue and conspiracy, resonating with audiences that enjoy the fast-paced and urgent nature of Scandal's storytelling.

  • The West Wing image

    2. The West Wing

    #297 most popular show yesterday

    Though less focused on scandal itself, The West Wing offers another compelling glimpse into the intricacies of the White House. Its smart dialogue and political maneuverings will definitely appeal to those who appreciate Scandal's high-stakes political games.

  • The Good Wife image

    3. The Good Wife

    #356 most popular show yesterday

    The Good Wife presents political and legal drama from the perspective of Alicia Florrick, who must navigate personal scandal and a complex career, echoing themes of public perception and power dynamics similar to those in Scandal.

  • House of Cards image

    4. House of Cards

    #401 most popular show yesterday

    For those drawn to the underbelly of politics depicted in Scandal, House of Cards presents a ruthless and ambitious tale of power within the U.S. government. The strategic and manipulative moves of Frank Underwood rival even the most scandalous of Olivia Pope's crises.

  • How to Get Away with Murder image

    5. How to Get Away with Murder

    #462 most popular show yesterday

    This gripping legal drama shrouded in mystery is created by Shonda Rhimes, who also created Scandal. Fans will revel in the complex narrative, involving a law professor and her students caught up in a web of murder and deceit, much like the dark and twisty corridors of power explored in Scandal.

  • Homeland image

    6. Homeland

    #528 most popular show yesterday

    Homeland's blend of political intrigue and psychological depth strikes a familiar chord with Scandal enthusiasts. Both shows offer high-intensity narratives centered around national security and complex characters teetering on the edge of morality.

  • Madam Secretary image

    7. Madam Secretary

    #726 most popular show yesterday

    Featuring a strong, lead female character like Scandal's Olivia Pope, Madam Secretary delves into the life of a Secretary of State navigating the complex bureaucracy of international politics and crises at home, mirroring the high tension and drama fans love in Scandal.

  • Damages image

    8. Damages

    #1,211 most popular show yesterday

    This legal thriller series focuses on the fierce and morally ambiguous lawyer Patty Hewes, resembling Scandal's crisis management approach. Fans are kept on the edge of their seats as they watch the power plays and manipulative tactics unfold.