Shows like Designated Survivor
Looking for shows that are like Designated Survivor? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Blacklist image

    1. The Blacklist

    #153 most popular show yesterday

    The Blacklist sees a master criminal working with the FBI to take down other criminals. Although not strictly political, its combination of high-stakes intrigue and complex characters may appeal to those who like the thriller aspect of Designated Survivor.

  • 24 image

    2. 24

    #202 most popular show yesterday

    24 stars Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, who races against the clock to thwart terrorist plots. Its intense, real-time format and political crises will resonate with audiences who are drawn to Designated Survivor's high-stake scenarios and lead actor.

  • Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan image

    3. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

    #323 most popular show yesterday

    This series follows a CIA analyst thrust into a dangerous field assignment. Fans of Designated Survivor's blend of political drama and action will enjoy Jack Ryan's mixture of desk-bound analysis and explosive fieldwork.

  • The West Wing image

    4. The West Wing

    #351 most popular show yesterday

    The West Wing takes viewers inside the White House, focusing on the President and his staff. Fans of Designated Survivor's behind-the-scenes look at the Oval Office will appreciate The West Wing's detailed exploration of the executive branch.

  • House of Cards image

    5. House of Cards

    #397 most popular show yesterday

    House of Cards delves into the cutthroat world of politics, featuring a South Carolina Democrat who works his way up to the White House. Audiences who appreciate the political intrigue and high stakes of Designated Survivor will likely be captivated by this show's dark portrayal of power and manipulation.

  • Homeland image

    6. Homeland

    #485 most popular show yesterday

    Homeland centers around an intelligence officer who navigates terrorism threats and complex political operations. Viewers who enjoy the tension and global stakes of Designated Survivor will find Homeland's suspenseful storytelling and espionage elements gripping.

  • Scandal image

    7. Scandal

    #516 most popular show yesterday

    Scandal revolves around a former White House Communications Director who starts her own crisis management firm. Someone who enjoys the conspiracy and political cover-ups in Designated Survivor will be intrigued by the similar themes in Scandal.

  • Madam Secretary image

    8. Madam Secretary

    #740 most popular show yesterday

    Madam Secretary follows the professional and personal life of a female Secretary of State. With its blend of political maneuvering and crisis management, fans of Designated Survivor's Washington D.C. setting and political drama will find this show appealing.