Shows like The West Wing
Looking for shows that are like The West Wing? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Veep image

    1. Veep

    #116 most popular show yesterday

    Veep provides a satirical take on American politics through the eyes of Vice President Selina Meyer and her dysfunctional support staff. While more comedic than The West Wing, its sharp wit and political maneuvering will resonate with fans.

  • House of Cards image

    2. House of Cards

    #250 most popular show yesterday

    A darker twist on political drama, House of Cards offers a look at the thirst for power within Washington D.C.'s corridors. Its complex characters and plotlines provide a more cynical counterpoint to The West Wing's often idealistic view of politics.

  • Designated Survivor image

    3. Designated Survivor

    #262 most popular show yesterday

    When a low-level Cabinet member unexpectedly becomes President after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession, he must navigate a complex political environment. The show's blend of political drama and conspiracy will intrigue fans of The West Wing.

  • The Good Wife image

    4. The Good Wife

    #318 most popular show yesterday

    Although primarily a legal drama, The Good Wife explores the intersection of law and politics in Chicago, with its protagonist navigating personal and political scandals. The series offers a multidimensional portrayal of political life and its impact on various stakeholders.

  • Scandal image

    5. Scandal

    #419 most popular show yesterday

    Scandal introduces viewers to the dark and manipulative world of crisis management in politics, centered around Olivia Pope and her team. The show's blend of political intrigue and melodrama presents a different angle of D.C. that captivates audiences.

  • The Newsroom image

    6. The Newsroom

    #582 most popular show yesterday

    Created by Aaron Sorkin, the same mind behind The West Wing, this series dives into the world of a fictional newsroom. The show's fast-paced dialogue and behind-the-scenes look at news media make it a compelling watch for those interested in the intricacies of journalism and politics.

  • Madam Secretary image

    7. Madam Secretary

    #608 most popular show yesterday

    This political drama series follows the life of Elizabeth McCord, a shrewd, determined Secretary of State who drives international diplomacy and circumvents protocol as she negotiates global and domestic issues. Fans of The West Wing will appreciate the show's blend of personal storylines with political intrigue.