Shows like Billions
Looking for shows that are like Billions? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Succession image

    1. Succession

    #56 most popular show yesterday

    This gripping drama follows the Roy family who are battling for control of their media empire. Much like Billions, it's filled with power plays, backstabbing, and a quest for supremacy, all set against a background of wealth and luxury.

  • Suits image

    2. Suits

    #76 most popular show yesterday

    Suits dives into the competitive world of high-stakes corporate law, with brilliant but unlicensed legal prodigy Mike Ross. Fans of Billions' sharp dialogue and intense rivalries will find much to love here.

  • Mad Men image

    3. Mad Men

    #239 most popular show yesterday

    This series takes a look at the high-pressure world of advertising in the 1960s. While it explores a different industry, its portrayal of complex characters and corporate politics will appeal to Billions fans.

  • House of Cards image

    4. House of Cards

    #250 most popular show yesterday

    A political drama series that follows Frank Underwood’s ruthless rise to power. The show's focus on manipulation and power will resonate with Billions' audience.

  • Industry image

    5. Industry

    #366 most popular show yesterday

    Industry gives viewers a look inside the cutthroat world of international finance, as seen through the eyes of ambitious twenty-somethings fighting to secure their futures, aligning closely with themes in Billions.

  • Damages image

    6. Damages

    #1,233 most popular show yesterday

    This legal thriller series features a tough litigator, Patty Hewes, and is known for its complex characters and plot twists. It offers a similar cat-and-mouse dynamic as Billions, with high stakes and moral ambiguity.