Shows like Mad Men
Looking for shows that are like Mad Men? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Sopranos image

    1. The Sopranos

    #105 most popular show yesterday

    A masterclass in character development and rich storytelling, The Sopranos features Tony Soprano juggling his crime family duties and personal life in a manner that’s reminiscent of Don Draper's duality. Just like Mad Men, it offers a deep dive into its protagonist's complex psyche, set against the backdrop of a critical period in American history.

  • Hannibal image

    2. Hannibal

    #359 most popular show yesterday

    While veering more into psychological horror, Hannibal offers a visually rich, character-driven narrative centered around the complex relationship between an FBI investigator and a psychiatrist/cannibalistic serial killer. Similar to Mad Men, it features high-quality writing and a captivating anti-hero.

  • Boardwalk Empire image

    3. Boardwalk Empire

    #417 most popular show yesterday

    Set during Prohibition-era Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire portrays the political manipulation and crime that underpins the era. It's another period drama that offers a mélange of historical context, style, and morally grey characters similar to those in Mad Men.

  • The Americans image

    4. The Americans

    #490 most popular show yesterday

    This intense Cold War drama focuses on two Soviet KGB officers posing as an American married couple. The Americans delves into themes of identity, loyalty, and deception, drawing parallels with Mad Men’s exploration of personal and professional facades.

  • Masters of Sex image

    5. Masters of Sex

    #956 most popular show yesterday

    Chronicling the pioneering research of Masters and Johnson, this show mirrors Mad Men in its period setting and its examination of social and intimate relationships in America during a time of immense change and taboo.

  • Halt and Catch Fire image

    6. Halt and Catch Fire

    #1,042 most popular show yesterday

    This series captures the personal computing boom of the 1980s and focuses on a visionary, an engineer, and a prodigy. It shares Mad Men's deep character studies and depiction of industry evolution, resonating with fans of workplace dramas that explore both the personal and professional.