Shows like Masters of Sex
Looking for shows that are like Masters of Sex? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Crown image

    1. The Crown

    #73 most popular show yesterday

    Though revolving around the British monarchy, The Crown presents a detailed period piece with high production values and intricate character dynamics. Like Masters of Sex, it offers a rich narrative that combines personal intrigue with larger historical events.

  • Mad Men image

    2. Mad Men

    #313 most popular show yesterday

    Set around the same era as Masters of Sex, Mad Men captures the complexities of American society and relationships during the 1960s with a focus on an ad agency. Its thematic depth and period appeal make it a great choice for fans of Masters of Sex.

  • House of Cards image

    3. House of Cards

    #336 most popular show yesterday

    While this political drama centers on power and manipulation in Washington, D.C., it also delves into complex relationships and personal demons, echoing the depth and dark undertones of Masters of Sex.

  • The Affair image

    4. The Affair

    #338 most popular show yesterday

    This provocative drama explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship. Audiences who appreciate Masters of Sex for its deep dive into human sexuality and complex relationships will find The Affair's psychological and erotic exploration equally compelling.

  • The Tudors image

    5. The Tudors

    #481 most popular show yesterday

    This historical fiction gives viewers a sensual and dramatic portrayal of the reign and marriages of England's King Henry VIII. Fans interested in the intersection of power, sex, and history as seen in Masters of Sex may enjoy The Tudors for its similar elements.

  • In Treatment image

    6. In Treatment

    #1,467 most popular show yesterday

    In Treatment showcases the intricacies of the therapist-patient relationship and the psychological exploration of its characters’ lives. Its focus on character-driven storytelling and the human psyche parallels the intimate and revealing nature of Masters of Sex.