What is The Really Loud House (TV) About?
The Really Loud House is an American comedy television series that depicts the bustling life of Lincoln Loud, a 12-year-old boy growing up as the only male sibling in a large family. Based in the fictional town of Royal Woods, Michigan, Lincoln navigates the tricky dynamics of living with ten sisters, each with their own distinct personality and quirks. This live-action show is a spin-off of the popular animated series The Loud House and continues the story from the 2021 film A Loud House Christmas. As Lincoln faces the challenges of his unique family situation, he also embarks on various adventures and misadventures with his best friend, Clyde McBride. The Really Loud House provides a blend of humor, family dynamics, and the universal themes of friendship and patience while dealing with the chaos of a large household.
The first episode of The Really Loud House aired on November 03, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on March 13, 2024.