Shows like The Rookie
Looking for shows that are like The Rookie? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • 9-1-1 image

    1. 9-1-1

    #93 most popular show yesterday

    This high-pressure drama focuses on the lives of first responders in Los Angeles, combining intense rescue operations with personal storylines. Fans of The Rookie's blend of action-packed sequences and character development will find a similar mix here.

  • Blue Bloods image

    2. Blue Bloods

    #116 most popular show yesterday

    A series that delves into the lives of the Reagans, a family deeply embedded in New York City's law enforcement. If you appreciate The Rookie's blend of family drama and police work, Blue Bloods's similar themes make it a strong choice.

  • Chicago P.D. image

    3. Chicago P.D.

    #147 most popular show yesterday

    Part of the Chicago franchise, this show explores the day-to-day chaos of the city's police department. Audiences invested in The Rookie's police procedural elements and moral dilemmas will likely become engrossed in the complex dynamics of Chicago P.D.

  • Station 19 image

    4. Station 19

    #193 most popular show yesterday

    Centered around firefighters at a fire station in Seattle, this Grey's Anatomy spin-off shares The Rookie's procedural structure centered on emergency responders, complete with personal and professional challenges.

  • S.W.A.T. image

    5. S.W.A.T.

    #227 most popular show yesterday

    Focused on a specialized tactical unit in Los Angeles, S.W.A.T. combines high-stakes action with personal struggles, mirroring The Rookie's balance of thrilling police operations and the protagonists' personal lives.

  • Southland image

    6. Southland

    #1,319 most popular show yesterday

    This raw and authentic look at the LAPD delivers compelling character studies and intense action, much like The Rookie. Its gritty portrayal of the Los Angeles police force will resonate with fans looking for a more serious tone.