What is The Tick (TV) About?
The Tick is a superhero comedy television show based on the popular comic book character created by Ben Edlund. The story revolves around the adventures of the titular character, an enigmatic and bumbling superhero with superhuman strength and invulnerability. Equipped with his blue costume, antenna, and an unyielding sense of justice, The Tick battles crime and protects The City, accompanied by his sidekick Arthur, a former accountant who dons a moth suit. Together, they face a wide range of absurd adversaries, from supervillains and robots to aliens and eccentric characters, all against the backdrop of a bizarre and offbeat world. The Tick cleverly combines humor, action, and satire to create a refreshingly unconventional take on the superhero genre. The show has garnered a passionate and dedicated fanbase, appreciative of its unique blend of wit, comic book references, and its ability to deconstruct and parody superhero conventions.
The first episode of The Tick aired on August 19, 2016 and the most recent episode to air was on April 04, 2019.