Shows like The Young Pope
Looking for shows that are like The Young Pope? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • True Detective image

    1. True Detective

    #96 most popular show yesterday

    This anthology crime series delves into the lives and investigations of detectives, where each season stands on its own. 'True Detective's' exploration of philosophical themes and its character-driven plot will be of interest to fans of 'The Young Pope.'

  • Fargo image

    2. Fargo

    #102 most popular show yesterday

    With its dark humor and moral complexity, 'Fargo' explores themes that fans of 'The Young Pope' might find intriguing. The anthology series also offers a high-quality cinematic experience akin to Paolo Sorrentino's style.

  • The New Pope image

    3. The New Pope

    #1,298 most popular show yesterday

    A direct continuation of 'The Young Pope,' this series delves further into the complex world of Vatican politics, spirituality, and power. It's a must-watch for anyone who loved its predecessor, featuring Jude Law and introducing John Malkovich.

  • The Borgias image

    4. The Borgias

    #1,684 most popular show yesterday

    This historical-fiction drama focuses on the scandalous lives of the Borgia family, leading the Roman Catholic Church in the late 15th century. Its themes of power, corruption, and religion align closely with the tone of 'The Young Pope.'

  • Rectify image

    5. Rectify

    #1,691 most popular show yesterday

    While not directly related to the Vatican or Catholicism, 'Rectify' offers a profound examination of morality, redemption, and the human spirit. Its introspective storytelling will appeal to viewers who appreciate 'The Young Pope's' depth.