Shows like The New Pope
Looking for shows that are like The New Pope? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Succession image

    1. Succession

    #61 most popular show yesterday

    Succession focuses on the Roy family and their media empire, where internal family conflict and lust for power drive the narrative. The cutthroat business maneuvering and complicated character relationships can be appealing for those who enjoy the political and family dynamics in The New Pope.

  • The Handmaid's Tale image

    2. The Handmaid's Tale

    #62 most popular show yesterday

    While The Handmaid's Tale operates within a dystopian society rather than the Vatican, its themes of religion, power, and resistance echo the ethical and moral questions raised in The New Pope. The show's intense personal and political stakes will likely captivate the same audience.

  • The Crown image

    3. The Crown

    #73 most popular show yesterday

    The Crown offers an inside look at the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, balancing personal dilemmas with the duties of leadership – similar to the dual nature of the papacy in The New Pope. Viewers will enjoy the blend of historical events with deep character exploration.

  • Six Feet Under image

    4. Six Feet Under

    #342 most popular show yesterday

    Although it follows a family-run funeral home instead of the papacy, Six Feet Under addresses themes of mortality, morality, and family dynamics that fans of The New Pope will recognize and appreciate within its darkly comic narrative.

  • House of Cards image

    5. House of Cards

    #401 most popular show yesterday

    Though centered on American politics rather than religious institution, House of Cards presents Machiavellian schemes and power plays reminiscent of the strategic maneuvering seen in The New Pope. Fans may appreciate the strong character development and intense plot twists.

  • The Young Pope image

    6. The Young Pope

    #1,016 most popular show yesterday

    As the precursor to The New Pope, The Young Pope delves into the controversial and sometimes surreal narrative of Pope Pius XIII's papacy. It offers the same complex portrayal of Vatican politics and the personal journey of a pontiff that fans of The New Pope are already fascinated by.

  • The Borgias image

    7. The Borgias

    #1,684 most popular show yesterday

    This show follows the notorious Borgia family's ascendancy in the church during the Renaissance period. Elements of papal politics, corruption, and manipulative tactics will resonate with viewers who are attracted to the complex hierarchy shown in The New Pope.